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Our Story

Antonia’s Bistro is a 32-seat restaurant located in the heart of Campbellford, Ontario. We have become the destination of choice for people who enjoy a perfect harmony of a warm ambience and food that fully satisfy the palate.

Our Chef, Ravi Anandappa, has gained a reputation for creating signature flavours in his dishes. His food is masterfully prepared that when it reaches the table patrons often take a moment to savour the aromas, colours and presentation that are meant to excite the senses.

Our menu is mainly a selection of classic Italian dishes with some international favorites. There is a good selection of pastas, salads, and meat dishes as well as mouth-watering desserts. The wine menu has been carefully chosen to complement these dishes. 

Antonia’s, named after the famous saint, St, Anthony of Padua, shares the Franciscan value of cultivating enthusiasm and spirit of joy and love of nature through our food and hospitality by simply incorporating creativity, authenticity, and simple goodness in everything that we do.

The Bistro

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